Stats: Modeling the World (3rd Edition) by David E. Bock

Stats: Modeling the World (3rd Edition)

Book Title: Stats: Modeling the World (3rd Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0321570448

Author: David E. Bock

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David E. Bock with Stats: Modeling the World (3rd Edition)

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KEY BENEFIT: By leading with practical data analysis and graphics, Stats: Modeling the World , Third Edition, engages students and gets them to do statistics and think statistically from the start. With the authors’ signature Think, Show, Tell problem-solving method, students learn what we can find in data, why we find it interesting and how to report it to others. Instructors praise this text as clear and accessible, while students report that they actually enjoy reading the book while learning how to do statistics. Additional examples with updated data make this new edition even easier to read and use.


EXPLORING AND UNDERSTANDING DATA; Stats Start Here; Data; Displaying and Describing Categorical Data; Displaying and Comparing Qualitative Data; Understanding and Comparing Distributions; The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and the Normal Model; EXPLORING RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN VARIABLES; Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation; Linear Regression; Regression Wisdom; Re-expressing Data: Get it Straight!; GATHERING DATA; Understanding Randomness; Sample Surveys; Experiments and Observational Studies; RANDOMNESS AND PROBABILITY; From Randomness to Probability; Probability Rules!; Random Variables; Probability Models; FROM THE DATA AT HAND TO THE WORLD AT LARGE; Sampling Distribution Models; Confidence Intervals for Proportions; Testing Hypotheses About Proportions; More About Tests and Intervals; Comparing Two Proportions; LEARNING ABOUT THE WORLD; Inferences about Means; Comparing Means; Paired Samples and Blocks; INFERENCE WHEN VARIABLES ARE RELATED; Comparing Counts; Inferences for Regression; Analysis of Variance (on DVD); Multiple Regression (on DVD)


For all readers interested in introductory statistics.