Champion Reading: Speed & Comprehension (Speed Reading for Champions) (Volume 1) by Jennifer Wozny

Champion Reading: Speed & Comprehension (Speed Reading for Champions) (Volume 1)

Book Title: Champion Reading: Speed & Comprehension (Speed Reading for Champions) (Volume 1)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1502416921

Author: Jennifer Wozny

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Jennifer Wozny with Champion Reading: Speed & Comprehension (Speed Reading for Champions) (Volume 1)

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Champion Reading is a reading enhancement course which provides immediate and measurable results. You are going to learn how to read faster with better concentration, comprehension, and retention. You will also learn how to use mind maps to remember, more efficiently and effectively, what you have read. This book has been written to introduce speed reading to you in an easy and non-technical way, so that you can learn this highly valuable life-skill. Power Learning was started in 1983 by Jennifer Wozny in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. The course she developed, Champion Reading, was formerly known as Power Reading, but the name was changed to more adequately reflect what the course was achieving for Mrs. Wozny's students. Students became champion readers and learners. Champion Reading is the vision of Jennifer Wozny. Students were reporting that grades increased, self-esteem was soaring, and that previously poor results on timed tests, due to not being able to finish in the allotted time span, were a thing of the past! She began the company because she felt that generic speed reading was not delivering what students actually needed to succeed. Amid the throes of rearing her three children during their school and college careers, she also gained insight into the skills students were not being taught for immediate and lasting academic success. After lots of trial and error, research and years of experience, we can now offer the basics of this most excellent reading enhancement course. This volume is the culmination of many years of teaching thousands of students this constantly evolving skill. Jennifer is a native of London, England, receiving her education there before coming to the United States in 1969. This course has been taught successfully at public and private schools, universities, corporations, and to individuals at the Power Learning Centers in Houston, Texas. Power Learning has been teaching the Champion Reading course (formerly known as Power Reading) in the Houston, Texas area since the 1980’s. Further on in this book there are three lessons with detailed instructions that will enable you to get the foundation of this valuable skill.